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Bleaching with laser

feherites-357x357-300x300What causes teeth to darken?
We all have passions that could cause the discoloration of our teeth.Tobacco, certain foods we eat,
and certain drinks actually stain our teeth. Foods that are slightly acidic are also dangerous to your white smile e.g. beetroot, carrot, tomato, foods with red pepper. These foods open up the pores of the tooth enamel, allowing stains to more easily move into the tooth.
These days the healthy, white teeth are important for everyone they eradiate self-confidence and a healthy appearance.

We live in a fast -paced world, many of us havenot the time to have the teeth whitened.
Bleaching with plasma lamp takes usually 40 – 60 minits. Bleaching with laser is ready in 15 minits, the whitening process keeps on taking place days after the treatment as well.
Teeth whitening can last more years depending on whether or not you smoke or consume staining foods like red wines and coffee. The treatment is absolutely painless.

This treatment is a solution for those, who
– have customs cause teeth discoloration
– need a perfect appearance
– take care about the health of their teeth
– looking for long-term solution
– have no time enough