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Conscious sedation

Painless dental treatment

Does the thought of having dental treatment come to your mind as a pleasant experience, or do you have painful memories about the dental care you had before? Do you have lot of worries before stepping into a dentis’s surgery? You are not alone. Conscious sedation will solve al your problems.

Painless dental treatment

What is conscious sedation?

Patients are usually awake, they are able to communicate during the treatment, the doctor can speak with them and they will be able to respond, their basic reflexes will work, but they have slept during the treatment.
It is not a deep sedation, so after conscious sedation they will not feel sick or dizzy, and will not have a headache. They will recover without having any sequelae.

Important informations about coscious sedation:

Before receiving sedation, you should consult with the dentist, who will check your health. The dentist will go over your medical history and ask about any medicaments you are currently taking. You should raise your questions and you will be given all informations about the procedure. There is a statement to confirm.

During conscious sedation patients are continuosly given a dope, that allows them to have a pain-free dental treatment. Your health, blood pressure and oxygen supply will be constantly monitored by the anaesthetist, so that the dentist and the assistant can concentrate on your dental treatment.

Further requirements before the operation:

Empty stomach: in the case of normal stomach and bowel movement, do not take any solid food five hours and liquids (small quantities of tea, water) two hours before the sedation. (According to limitation of stomach dejection, the anesthetist may possibly order longer fasting periods. Emptying the urinary bladder before the treatment is also recommended.

In every case, ask the doctor performing the operation, as well as the anesthetist to inform you when you may eat and drink following the operation. The received instruction shall be strictly followed in your interest.

Following your sedation you will be required to stay at the clinic for a short time, until the dentist is sure that you are safely accompanied home by a resposible adult.

There are some side effects of conscious sedation:
During the intervention patients may experience a tingling sensation and some people tend to experience a state of euphoria or tend to laugh.

Restrictions of sedation at the dentis’s:
Pregnant women and children are not given sedation
In case of any acute or chronic disease the anaesthetist is the one who decides about the sedation.

People with good state of health and adjusted high blood pressure can receive conscious sedation.

You don’t have to be nervous and fearful about getting a dental treatment anymore!
Don’t hesitate, make an appointment and ask for a free consultation!

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