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Dental hygiene

mosoly-336x336-300x300Your teeth are nice and healthy, your gum is still sore? Do you know the cause?
It is the tartar, which forms on the inner side of the teeth and later subsides under the gum too.
It can be formed even besides the most careful dental hygiene. Tartar can be the causer of many problems like bad breathe, gum inflamation, it can lead to tooth loss as well.

How can you avoid these problems?

With periodic dental treatments, where the tartar will be removed.
Dentists suggest, that you should have an esthetic dental treatment once in a year at least, this is completely painless. The tartar will be removed by ultrasound, after that the teeth will be polished for a more beautiful shine.
It takes only an hour per year to keep your teeth healthy for a long time.