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Think of the healt of your teeth too! Dental treatments in Hévíz, western-european quality, reasonable prices.

Send us your panorama x-ray, we provide your treatment plan and the price offer in a day.


Dentsana dental clinic

Besides the air conditioned waiting room and the well equipped handling rooms you can listen to relaxation music and watch 3D tv to ease your anxiety.
We focus on your painless and stress free treatment to evolve an excellent patient – dentist connection so that you leave the clinic with a contented, shining smile after the treatment.


Dental treatment

Our dentists perform the handlings causing no pain in the process, also paying attention to the unique sensibility of the patients. We use only quality materials, our dental technic services and materials also correspond to the western-European quality standards. Our patients leave our clinic with a shining smile ater the dental treatment.
Visit us for a free first examination and consultation, we build personal treatment plans for our patients which only contains modern and proved methods.