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Direct implants

Help, I have lost my teeth!

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Do you want a permanent solution to your missing teeth? You don’t like removable dentures?
Do you want your false teeht look like the originals?

As the saying goes: „Smile and the world smiles with you!“ Imagine, henceforth you can laugh with your friends gamely, because your teeth are healthy again. You don’t have to worry about the sight of missing teeth anymore. You will meet envious looks because of your great appearance, anywhere you go.



As you have no missing teeth, the teeth in the jaw keep their function for a long time keeping each other in their places. They do not become loose so you dont have to be afraid of losing them.

Don’t wait with the treatment untill it’s too late! Ask for our personalized treatment plan and quotation.
Do you know what happens with the dentil in case of missing teeth? The power – balance system of the mouth capsizes, so the other teeth can become loose and fall out as well.
In the place of the missing teeth the bone starts to waste away, so as time goes by implantation gets more difficult.

Don’t hesitate, ask for treatment plan and quotation.