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How skilled are the hungarian dentists?
Our dentists are trained for years, they possess EU speciality exam. They are very good in their profession, they fully understand the fears of the patients, and also pay attention for their needs. Our dentists often treat patients from adboad, that’s why we employ only the best, this way maintaining the good international reputation of hungarian dentistry.

Do the dentists speak foreign languages?
Our colleagues communicate in English, German, Italian and French without any problem.

Will the handling go with pain?
The dentists perform the handlings causing no pain in the process, also paying attention to the unique sensibility of the patients.

What shall I do if I’m taking anti-coagulants?
Visit your local doctor, who can lower or stop the dosage of anti-coagulants properly. Never try to alter the dosage by yourself!!! Taking the base illness into consideration the taking of the medicine can be halted at least 3 days before the dental treatment, or a new kind of medicine, a course of injections can be implemented substituting the old one.
Otherwise, during the handlings that can result in bleeding, problems may occur. Please provide us with the verification of your doctor about the current dosage of the anti-coagulant. Your safety is the most important to us, that’s why we won’t start the handling without this verification, in case you are taking anti-coagulants.

How modern is the clinic’s equipment?
The clinic is equipped with the most modern instruments available, and only tissue-friendly materials are applied. Every piece of our equipment correspond to the west-european quality standards.

What kinds of materials are used?
We use only quality materials mainly from Switzerland and Germany. Our dental technic services and materials also correspond to the western-European quality standards.
According to the high quality standards we use only tissue-friendly materials.

Is it possible to perform a complicated series of handlings in a holiday’s time?
Thanks to the good planning and the close cooperation with the dental-technical laboratory, we can perform almost any kind of handling in a relatively short period of time. The after-treatments and the occasional control-examinations needed can be performed after the trip.

What shall I do before the trip?
Visit your local dentist. If you sent your treatment plan without the price set by your local dentist, in our reply we send our price offer in a few days. With attaching your x-rays you can help us with the planning and preparations. The period of time needed for the handlings can be shortened, if you have the preparatory treatments performed before the trip.

Who can I turn to, when some problems occur after I arrive home?
Contact our dentist, after hearing from you on the phone we fix an appointment for you at our western-european partner clinic or if necessary we organise your trip back to Hévíz.

How can I get to you?
By air, by bus, as part of a group or individually. For travel and lodging you can receive offers on the following links: