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Removable protheses

sikoly1-500x500-300x300It is a real shock, when the dentist tells us, that the only solution to substitute the missing teeth is a prostheses. Much more tragical if you need a complete denture. Everybody thinks, that denture is only for old people. They are wrong. Many people over 40 years have a prostheses for different reasons like incorrect dental care, accident, gum disease, inflammation, gum bleeding…
For health or financial reasons more and more people opt for prosthesis. The most important to preserve their life qualityso they need a perfect prosthesis. Even the removable denture must functionate like the original teeth. It should not only look good but the facility of chewing and speaking shell be restored as well. A perfect, well-fitting denture does not let lips and cheeks sunken, it restores the perfect appaerance.
A denture is not a bad solution at all, anyway it is recommended to choose the best quality.
Your denture is ready in your one week holiday’s time, so you can leave Hévíz with a bright smile.